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Ever had days when the words just wouldn't come?

Ever considered giving up?

Well, don't do it. Join us at Write With Us Online where . . . you will laugh, you will learn, you will be inspired.

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Whether you dream of writing freelance non-fiction and having your byline appear in a national magazine, or of writing and publishing a novel, we have advice that can help.

Tips from the Pros:


Q: Can an unpublished author join a professional writers' organization, such as Romance Writers of America or Mystery Writers of America?

A. It depends on the organization. Some organizations have strict membership requirements, while others open its doors to anyone who is actively pursuing publication in a particular genre, such as Romance Writers of America. Others, still, have tiered membership; unpublished authors may join but they won't have the same rights or privileges as their published members.

Visit the following websites for membership requirements for some popular writing organizations:

Absolute Write
Authors Guild
Horror Writers Association
Mystery Writers of America
Novelists, Inc.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Western Writers of America


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