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Wild, Wicked & Wanton:
101 Ways to Love Like You're In a Romance Novel

by Christie Craig & Faye Hughes
ISBN-10: 1605500593
ISBN-13: 978-1605500591
Publisher: Adams Media
Release Date: June, 2010
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Sure, romance novels offer are fun, pure fantasy, but can they actually teach a woman anything about love?


Think about it, if a woman spent as much time plotting her romantic relationships as authors did in plotting their romance novels, there would be far less heartache. If real women took their cues from romance heroines, there may be more real-life Happily Ever Afters. Romance authors Christie Craig and Faye Hughes have turned their philosophy into a humorous self-help relationship book that lists 101 ways a woman can love like she's a romance heroine.

Romance heroines aren't perfect, they make mistakes. But by the end of the book, they've earned their walk into the sunset. How do they do it? Courage, wisdom, and some good ol' kick-ass gumption. Heroines don't wish they'd said something, they say it. They don't fret about their problems; they fix them. And couldn't we all use a little bit of their wisdom to deal with real life and with real men?

Meet Jayne. Like most romance heroines - and most real life women - she's had her share of heartaches. In Wild, Wicked and Wanton, Jayne's search for true love teaches her:

  • How to recognize a Keeper . . . and a Creeper
  • How to tame a Bad Boy
  • How to trust her instincts
  • How to find her own Mr. Right
  • And Much, Much More!

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Also appearing in June: Shut Up and Kiss Me, by Christie Craig.

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What reviewers are saying about
Wild, Wicked & Wanton:
101 Ways to Love Like You're In a Romance Novel

"Girlfriend get-aways - a fun take-along book - Wild, Wicked & Wanton by Christie Craig & Faye Hughes . . . An amusing paperback, this book discusses candidly the "Keepers" and "Creepers" of the romance novel brought into the perspective of real life." -Carlanne at Romance Travel Examiner (Buffalo)

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